Monday, 28 January 2013

My week

Last week has been busy, on Tuesday I started an art class at the parish centre of the church were my mum goes. She has been going for years to it and its something that I have been interested in. They use lots of different art mediums and this week we were using acrylics to do a colour wheel by mixing the 3 primary colours, it helped me to understand more about mixing colours and different shades and tones. I really enjoyed it and I'll be going again tomorrow.
On Wednesday I had a go at mixing colours, so I drew out the picture of Max I had done again and tried mixing the exact colours needed for it. I had a go but I think I'm a bit better at drawing than painting, but I don't think it's too bad for a first go.

On Friday at work we had some people from 'Wild wings - birds of prey' who came to school to do a talk about owls and show us some, I just as excited as the children! When they asked whether any of the staff wanted to hold one I nearly jumped off my seat to do it! I held a Barn owl called Ella. She was beautiful, when you stroked her feathers on her chest she nibbles your finger with her beak, she sort of nuzzled into your finger. They also got her to fly from one side of the room to the other she was so graceful. They also had a tawny owl, an European eagle owl, a spectacled owl and a scops owl.

On Friday after work my mum came around for tea and ended up getting stranded here because of the snow we hadn't realised how much it was sticking by the time we went out it was about 6 inches high, we tried to drive her back but the car was sliding around so we had a sleep over!
By Saturday it had stopped and we were able to take mum home and go sledging!

And today I started a yoga class...who knew yoga was so hard!

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