Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Wish List

The thing that has always kept me going after failed IVF attempts and realising that we won't be able to have children is to focus on the things that we can do and the reasons we are lucky. I have an amazing husband who is my best friend, a lovely house, a fantastic job which I love and a little dog who isn't a substitute for a child (as some people think!) but he does really enhance my life and I am so glad we have him.

We spent a lot of energy and time, putting our life on hold waiting to find out if we could have IVF, then having 2 attempts at it, in fact after we got married nearly 7 years ago it had dominated our lives.

This week we have just finished turning the room that was being saved to be turned into a child's bedroom into a craft room for me,and actually it feels great to be doing things that I really like.

I may not have children but I am going to have an amazing life I have compiled a list of all the things I've always wanted to do and I hope to do its not a bucket list because I don't want to focus on things to do before I die but it's more a ' to do' list its not going to have a limit because I want to keep adding to it. It will have a smaller things as well as bigger things otherwise I'd be bankrupt!

  1. Do a walking challenge 
  2. Skydive
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon
  4. Sell some of my crafts 
  5. Take a helicopter ride 
  6. Go to New York
  7. Go to Italy
  8. Visit a Greek island and Athens
  9. Go to the Christmas markets in Germany.
  10. Go to Hawaii
  11. Go to Barcelona
  12. Watch a formula 1 race live
  13. Try horse riding
  14. Learn to knit cables
  15. Learn to knit fair isle
  16. Build a campfire and make s'mores
  17. Visit Sark
  18. Make a recipe book of family favourites 
  19. Make a photo book of each year me and Matthew have been together
  20. Watch the sunrise
  21. Learn to make cocktails
  22. Go wild swimming
  23. Have a proper picnic
  24. Grow my own food
  25. Fly a kite
  26. Make a dress for myself
  27. See the northern lights
  28. Do a painting  to go up in my house
  29. See a film at an open air cinema
  30. Walk behind a waterfall
  31. Visit Olympic Park in London
  32. Go to London with Matthew
  33. Ride an elephant
  34. Visit an far east country
  35. Ride on a dog sled
  36. Visit the Giants causeway, Ireland
  37. Visit Portmerion
  38. Try skiing
I have already started to plan for some starting with booking flights to Berlin for the weekend before Christmas to see the German Christmas market, one thing we wouldn't have been able to plan so far in advance before now and it feels good to be able to now.

I will keep you informed on how I get on.
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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Beautiful Wales

On Easter weekend, we went to Pwhelli in Wales a stones throw from Snowdonia national park.You can see the mountains from the beach at the holiday park where we stayed and it was like being in a Nordic country or looking at the alps. It was beautiful.

 Originally we were going to walk up Mount Snowdon but true to its name it was covered in snow, there had been news stories about people falling and having to be rescued. Although we have the walking gear, cleats for our shoes and walking sticks, its still not worth risking it. We will be going back in the summer so we'll do it then.

We still wanted to do a good walk so I found this one on the Snowdonia National Park that starts from a beautiful place called Beddgelert, it was a 6 mile hard leisure walk.
Fisherman's Path & Cwm Bychan
It was a really good walk that had a bit of everything, first walking along by the side of the crystal clear River Glaslyn, then through woodland and then a walk through a valley and ascending the hill to see beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and down to the coast, where we had a picnic then descending down to a lake and back around to Beddgelert.
River Glaslyn
Cwm Bychan
Matthew and Max at the highest point of the walk with views of  Snowdon in the background.

and me and Max enjoying the views!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter party and egg hunt.

My sister, Christiana and I decided to do a party for our nephews, Joshua, 7, Thomas, 3 and Edward, 9 months. I would do the food and she would do the egg hunt clues. 
It was a simple lunch of egg sandwiches which have to be enjoyed with salt and vinegar crisps- it's the law! Apart from we had the lovely salt and vinegar kettle chips and the children had Pom bear crisps! I made marble chocolate and vanilla easter cupcakes and a nice pot of tea for the adults to wash it down! 

My recipe for Easter marble cupcakes

Makes 24                                                      
 Vanilla cupcake mixture  Chocolate cupcake mixture    
     125g Self raising flour.           100g Self raising flour     
  125g butter      125g butter       
125g sugar     125g sugar      
2 eggs      2 eggs     
     1 tsp vanilla extract 25g cocoa     
To decorate : 
Mini Malteaster bunnies, Mini Eggs, Cadbury's Flake
Chocolate butter cream 
150g butter and 350g icing sugar and about a dessert spoon of cocoa. 

1. Line 2 muffin tins with cupcake cases 
2. Mix the vanilla mixture first in the electric mixer. Mix until light and smooth consistency, scrape the mixture into a bowl. 
3. Next put the chocolate cupcake ingredients into the mixer and mix to same consistency.
4. Then layer a tsp of vanilla mixture then a tsp of chocolate and so on into each cupcake case until they are all filled and both mixtures have been used up.
5. Using a cocktail stick gently swirl the two mixtures together in each case.
6. Bake in the oven at 200C for about 13 mins, take out and leave to cool on a wire rack
7. Now to decorate, mix the ingredients of the buttercream in a bowl with a hand held mixer, it is important not to over mix it as it will begin to separate. It needs to be just combined and quite firm. 
8. Holding the cupcake in your left hand, get a dollop of buttercream on your palate knife and smooth it over the top of the cupcake. Scrape any excess mixture off the knife, now lay the rounded tip of the knife just touching the buttercream and carefully scrape some away in a spiral motion.
9.Put a Malteaster bunny or a few Mini Eggs on top to decorate and sprinkle smashed up pieces of flake around it. 
10. Place on a lovely cupcake stand and enjoy! 

The Easter egg hunt went really well apart from a little blip at the start when Josh spotted one of the clues but he was very good and he didn't tell the others.
Christiana wrote some really good clues and I hid them, my favourites were; 

" What a handsome pooch but where is his name? 
Look underneath to continue this game"

So I craftily folded the clue and put it in between the buckle of Max's collar! 


" Take one if your feeling sneezy or sad, 
Not as good as your sleeve but it makes Mum less mad!" 

Which is of course hiding in the tissue box! Genius! Lol!
Christiana hates this picture because it looks like she's trying to enhance her bosoms but it is a really good photo of Joshua aka Spider-Man and Thomas working together to find the next clue!

And here's one of Christiana covering her modesty with Edward.

The boys went home with bellies and buckets full of easter treats. I do it for myself as much as them I love having the family together and  I'm a big kid at heart. 

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter crafts

I found the link for this free crochet pattern for these gorgeous little bunnies on a blog I follow called 1500 free amigurumi patterns. It's so cute I just had to give it a go, my idea was to make some as easter presents but I started doing it too late really and because I'm new to the world of amigurumi I was very slow. It took me a day and a half doing it nearly none stop! Here is my attempt, I didn't have any safety eyes so I stitched on the eyes instead, I think it's pretty cute!
I have noticed that some of the people that I follow on Instagram have done there own versions using the same pattern and its great to see how unique they all are. My 9 month old nephew Edward took a shine to this one so  it went home with him, I'm glad my bunny has gone to a good home.

My second attempt at amigurumi and I'm beginning to get better, this time I got my idea from a book 'Cute and easy crochet' by Nikki Trench I recommend this book to anyone starting out at crocheting it was my first crochet book and I still refer back to it. 
I've been wanting to make these really cute egg cosies for ages.
I thought it would be good to make my own with a twist. I followed the pattern to make the egg cosy bit but then made up my own bit to make it look like a chick! I was so proud of myself it's my first crochet design, I think it is pretty cute! 

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