Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter party and egg hunt.

My sister, Christiana and I decided to do a party for our nephews, Joshua, 7, Thomas, 3 and Edward, 9 months. I would do the food and she would do the egg hunt clues. 
It was a simple lunch of egg sandwiches which have to be enjoyed with salt and vinegar crisps- it's the law! Apart from we had the lovely salt and vinegar kettle chips and the children had Pom bear crisps! I made marble chocolate and vanilla easter cupcakes and a nice pot of tea for the adults to wash it down! 

My recipe for Easter marble cupcakes

Makes 24                                                      
 Vanilla cupcake mixture  Chocolate cupcake mixture    
     125g Self raising flour.           100g Self raising flour     
  125g butter      125g butter       
125g sugar     125g sugar      
2 eggs      2 eggs     
     1 tsp vanilla extract 25g cocoa     
To decorate : 
Mini Malteaster bunnies, Mini Eggs, Cadbury's Flake
Chocolate butter cream 
150g butter and 350g icing sugar and about a dessert spoon of cocoa. 

1. Line 2 muffin tins with cupcake cases 
2. Mix the vanilla mixture first in the electric mixer. Mix until light and smooth consistency, scrape the mixture into a bowl. 
3. Next put the chocolate cupcake ingredients into the mixer and mix to same consistency.
4. Then layer a tsp of vanilla mixture then a tsp of chocolate and so on into each cupcake case until they are all filled and both mixtures have been used up.
5. Using a cocktail stick gently swirl the two mixtures together in each case.
6. Bake in the oven at 200C for about 13 mins, take out and leave to cool on a wire rack
7. Now to decorate, mix the ingredients of the buttercream in a bowl with a hand held mixer, it is important not to over mix it as it will begin to separate. It needs to be just combined and quite firm. 
8. Holding the cupcake in your left hand, get a dollop of buttercream on your palate knife and smooth it over the top of the cupcake. Scrape any excess mixture off the knife, now lay the rounded tip of the knife just touching the buttercream and carefully scrape some away in a spiral motion.
9.Put a Malteaster bunny or a few Mini Eggs on top to decorate and sprinkle smashed up pieces of flake around it. 
10. Place on a lovely cupcake stand and enjoy! 

The Easter egg hunt went really well apart from a little blip at the start when Josh spotted one of the clues but he was very good and he didn't tell the others.
Christiana wrote some really good clues and I hid them, my favourites were; 

" What a handsome pooch but where is his name? 
Look underneath to continue this game"

So I craftily folded the clue and put it in between the buckle of Max's collar! 


" Take one if your feeling sneezy or sad, 
Not as good as your sleeve but it makes Mum less mad!" 

Which is of course hiding in the tissue box! Genius! Lol!
Christiana hates this picture because it looks like she's trying to enhance her bosoms but it is a really good photo of Joshua aka Spider-Man and Thomas working together to find the next clue!

And here's one of Christiana covering her modesty with Edward.

The boys went home with bellies and buckets full of easter treats. I do it for myself as much as them I love having the family together and  I'm a big kid at heart. 

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