Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter crafts

I found the link for this free crochet pattern for these gorgeous little bunnies on a blog I follow called 1500 free amigurumi patterns. It's so cute I just had to give it a go, my idea was to make some as easter presents but I started doing it too late really and because I'm new to the world of amigurumi I was very slow. It took me a day and a half doing it nearly none stop! Here is my attempt, I didn't have any safety eyes so I stitched on the eyes instead, I think it's pretty cute!
I have noticed that some of the people that I follow on Instagram have done there own versions using the same pattern and its great to see how unique they all are. My 9 month old nephew Edward took a shine to this one so  it went home with him, I'm glad my bunny has gone to a good home.

My second attempt at amigurumi and I'm beginning to get better, this time I got my idea from a book 'Cute and easy crochet' by Nikki Trench I recommend this book to anyone starting out at crocheting it was my first crochet book and I still refer back to it. 
I've been wanting to make these really cute egg cosies for ages.
I thought it would be good to make my own with a twist. I followed the pattern to make the egg cosy bit but then made up my own bit to make it look like a chick! I was so proud of myself it's my first crochet design, I think it is pretty cute! 

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