Monday, 12 August 2013

Ice cream bunting pattern

I made this bunting for a recent summer swap, I liked it so much I made it for myself. 
This is my first time writing out a pattern so hopefully It will be right, if you try it and have any problems please let me know. But it's fairly straightforward. Just remember at the end of each row chain 1 and turn. 
Ice cream cone - beige yarn

Foundation chain 10 + 1, turn
Row 1: 1dc in each st (10) 
Row 2: 1dc in each st (10)
Row 3:dc2tog, 1dc in the next 6st, dc2tog (8)
Row 4: 1dc in each st (8)
Row 5:dc2tog, 1dc in the next 4st, dc2tog (6)
Rows 6-13: 1dc in each st (6)
Row 14: dc2tog, 1dc in the next 2st, dc2tog (4)
Row 15-16: 1dc in each st (4)
Row 17: dc2tog, dc2tog (2)
Row 18: dc2tog (1)r
Fasten off, change colour.

Ice cream -join on yellow, pink or mint green yarn

Row 1: 1dc in each of the 10 st on the top of the cone (as seen in the picture)
Row 2: 2dc in first st, 8dc, 2dc in last st (12)
Row 3: dc2tog, 8dc, dc2tog (10)
Row 4: dc2tog, 6dc, dc2tog (8)
Row 5: dc2tog, 4dc, dc2tog (6)
Row 6: dc2tog, 2dc, dc2tog (4)
Fasten off
 Make 2 more. 

Lollipop - in yellow, pink or green yarn.

This starts from the bottom to the top of the lolly
Foundation chain 10 +1 
Rows 1- 14: 1dc in each st.(10)
Row 15: dc2tog, 6dc, dc2tog (8)
Row 16: dc2tog, 4dc, dc2tog (6)
Row 17: dc2tog, 2dc, dc2tog (4)
Fasten off

Lollipop stick 
Join on the beige yarn to the 5th dc along the straight edge.
Row 1-7: dc 2
Row 8: dc2tog
Fasten off. 
Make one more.

Scalloped chain
Foundation chain 200 +1 
5 tr into 3rd chain from hook, miss 2 st then dc into the next st, * miss 2st , 5tr into the next st, miss 2st then dc into the next . Rep from * to end.
Fasten off.

Sew in all ends, space out the lollipops and ice creams as you wish, I left a gap of 5 of the shell shapes. Then sew the ice cream or lollipop into the middle of the shell as shown on the photo. 

I hope it's right I'll only know if someone else has a go. 

Thanks for reading and if you try it let me know how you get on. 
Abigail xxx

Monday, 5 August 2013

Busy, busy, busy!!

The last few weeks working in a school is always a busy time, but these last weeks have flown and I've been so busy.
I have had three more swaps to do

A family bbq,

Matthew's birthday,

A bouldering class at the climbing hanger, Liverpool

joined a knitting group,

celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary at the Oast House, Manchester

watched Andy Murray win wimbledon! 

Finished the school term in fantastic style with cocktails in Manchester and singing in a kareoke pod in Tiger Tiger.

Spent alot of time bragging about my youngest sister is one of the winners of BAFTA Rocliffe Comedy writers competition which will see part of her comedy script performed with real actors at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival and judged by a panel that includes John Bishop, and she could win a script commision with the BBC!!!
so naturally I've not had as much time to do my blog!

Now I'm off for weeks for the summer holidays so I'm hoping I'll have plenty of time to do more crafts especially some decorations for my home, I've been so busy making things for other people it'll be nice to make some things for myself.
But for now I'm off for a week to Cornwall!!
Bye for now!
Abigail x

St Ives 2013

This holiday to St Ives was going to be different than previous years, this year we were camping, we were only there for a week and we had our beloved Maxi with us!

Here are some of the highlights:

Pasties on the beach,
Blas burgers from the Halsetown Inn
 I spent my 33rd birthday at Crantock Bay, were Max had his first trip in a boat and I had a little trip down memory lane when we went to Newquay where I used to go for a holiday when I was little.

We spent some days on the dog beach in St.Ives and on the Island, we went on Porthkidney beach, max played lots of ball games, we had a paddle and a swim and Max did some digging!

We went on a walk from our campsite to the knill,
 on to Trencrom Hill
 then on to Mount's Bay, Marazion the walk was 12 miles in total
then we went on a open top bus back to st ives

We went to Godrevy point, where we saw a kestrel (I think)

 We saw a couple of seals in the harbour
 we went on a 5 mile coastal walk from Lamorna cove.. Mousehole and back again.

And after all that we were quite sleepy!

It went way too quickly!
Thanks for reading!
Abigail x