Thursday, 17 January 2013

January blues

Last Monday I was back at work and looking forward to it, the good thing about working in a school is your never too far off your next holiday and the holidays you get are good enough that when its time to come back I am ready for it, unfortunately all over Christmas I have been fighting off a bad cold and come the end of my day on Tuesday I felt so ill with flu like symptoms, headache, aching and high temperature, so I had to be off work because I felt so bad on Wednesday and Thursday I went back Friday because I felt loads better but I still have the cold! It's horrible I can't seem to get rid of it.
It's not just being ill that gets me down this time of the year it's everything, the weather is cold and miserable, the days are still relatively short, when I take max out in the morning it's so dark it's like the middle of the night and my thoughts turn to spring and summer and holidays and that's stressful, because I have in my head all these things I want to do but trying to plan and to make them into a reality is hard.
On Sunday we woke late which put me in a bad mood straight away because I felt like we wasted the weekend but we took Max out for a walk just around longsight park near us and it really did do me good to get out I felt loads better and it started to snow, it didn't last very long but it made everything look pretty for a while.
I need to keep reminding myself of my resolution to make the most of every day and to try new things and this is what I've managed so far:
1. Read 'One Day' by David Nicholls (which I've been meaning to do for months!)
2. Watched 'The Hobbit' at the Cinema (which we were supposed to see over Christmas)
3. Did some drawings of Max

but I don't think January will ever be my favourite month of the year... Oh well roll on summer!

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