Saturday, 1 June 2013

Craft swap part 2

I could hardly contain my excitement on the swap day, the #colourmeprettyswap had me worried for a bit I had got to the swap day and I still hadn't received my parcel, but it came later on in the day so I was able to open it.
 It was from @_katiekookaburra and here it is :

I got a very large and pretty bag, a cute bird candle and another candle, some lovely nail polish and a nail file, cupcake cases and a very pretty card. I love everything especially the bag which I have filled with my wool stash. The only thing that I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't anything hand made in it. 

And this is what I made/bought for my swap recipient @donna_marie74 : 

I made a pin cushion jar filled with pink, yellow and green buttons and a crochet hook holder, I bought ribbons, fabric tape, 2 note pads and a little pad of stickers, a bag of rosy apples and a sewing kit. I really enjoyed doing it and I was so glad that Donna loved it too, part of the excitement was seeing what she thought of the gifts. 

Today was the birds and flowers swap and I was up at the crack of dawn to open my swap stuff! 
It was off a lovely lady called Beth @crossstitch_gal but she's just changed her Instagram name to @bethslc and here's what I got:
A really nice handmade card, a beautiful photo frame, 3x Cath kidston tissues and washi tape, some lovely pegs and a hanging bird and 2 fantastic cross stitches made by Beth herself, I think we are very alike because all the things that she's got for me are things that I would get for myself. I was so pleased I felt like it was Christmas! 

This is what I sent to my swap recipient Isobel  @isobelcupcakes79: 
I was quite worried about this because my handmade items don't look like much, I made a cross stitch and 4 granny square hearts, I bought a personalised notepad from, a little hanging heart and a lovely bird mug and Cadbury's bubble bar. 
Isobel posted the picture saying "what fabulous, thoughtful gifts!" So I was absolutely made up that she liked them.

I am definitely hooked on doing these swaps, its really nice to meet new people and make things with a focus, its such a brilliant atmosphere on the swap days seeing if your gifts have gone down well and seeing what everyone else got.

I have signed up to two more both summer related and hopefully I will get on another swap ran by @kellysmellysharpe who organised the birds and hearts swap when she posts details about it soon, I also maybe organising one with Kate @the_happy_hooker who lives in America so she will coordinate swaps for US swappers and I will do the UK swappers side which will be good if we can sort that out but a bit nerve wracking because neither of us have done it before! 

Thanks for reading! 
Abigail x


  1. These swaps are so nice! You sent and received beautiful things. I love that hook case, very nice work.

    1. Thanks Jennifer I really enjoyed making them I had already made a hook roll for myself so it was easier to do! X

  2. Lovely handmade gifts. They look like a lot not "not much" x

    1. Thanks I think it was because of the sizes of the handmade gifts in the first parcel I sent it didn't look like much in comparison. But I always worry, I'm a worrier! X