Monday, 31 December 2012

Maybe Christmas means a little bit more...

I am one of five sisters and this year was the first year we have decided not to get presents for each other. I decided that I would make something instead, something that doesn't cost a lot but means a lot.
I had borrowed my mums photograph album of when we were all little a while back with every intention of scanning them in but never had got around to it. So I set to work on scanning them all in its quite a laborious and tedious task so I started in the summer holidays and finished it in half term. I was just going to put them on a cd then give one to each of my sisters but one of the teachers who I work with always makes a video montage of the children's time in infants and plays it to Take That's 'Never Forget' its lovely and there is not a dry eye in the house when it is played at the school concert at the end of the year, so I decided to do something very similar, using photo story 3 which is easy to download onto the computer I set to work making a DVD that would display photos of us throughout the years all to the sound of Take That's Never Forget. It's very straight forward then you burn it onto a DVD it's fantastic. The final part of my gift was packaging I took some old CD cases, printed a old picture of each of my sisters and a group photo of all of us and mum for my mums to stick in the front of the case, this would act as the label to tell me who each one was for, then I made a label to go with each on each with a quote from 'The Grinch' which summed it up perfectly. 'Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more'

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