Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I have a new found interest in making things and learning how to make them, well it's not really new found I've enjoyed creative activities since I was little. As I have got older I have dabbled from time to time in different hobbies; card making, glass painting etc without much success - i don't thing i really believed that i was good enough.
Over recent years however I my confidence has grown first it was with cooking, each time I enjoyed a meal I would look at how it was made, try to find a recipe and try it for myself, the more people said "mmm delicious!" the more I would try.

This lead me onto baking and in particular cupcakes and birthday cakes which I had very good feedback from I even managed to make a bit of money by selling them in boxes as gifts and I saved money by giving them as gifts! My masterpiece was a Mickey Mouse cake for one of my friend's son's first birthday which had cupcakes around spelling out his name.
I enjoyed making something so good that I could say " Look what I made!" but as I got more orders the more stressful and less enjoyable it was especially as I also work full time as a nursery nurse.

I still make cakes but for family birthdays and special occasions, or sometimes i make cakes and take them into work. It's more enjoyable without the deadlines. And I still continue to do cooking I try to make at least one brand new meal that we haven't tried before. (At the mo, I'm working my way through Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meals- the guys a genius I haven't had a bad meal yet from it!)

Anyway to get back to the reason i started this blog, I always see pretty things in shops I see it, I WANT IT, i can't afford it :-( , so I look at how its made "I can make that" I say to myself. So now I want to try.
My sister Rebekah who shares a lot of interests with me, has been taught how to knit by a friend and so she showed me. I did knit when i was younger it is surprising what you remember whenever I was stuck I found tutorials on YouTube where very helpful. My first project was a heart cushion from an Usbourne book called "how to knit" that Rebekah lent me. Which i completed in a week it was a good project to start because it taught me about increasing and decreasing stitches.

Then I did a little rabbit  which I got as a free pattern  from a website called  which taught me another skill using double pointed needles.

I also found a book called "Stitch" by Cath Kidston which you get a free project of a little cross stitch purse including everything you need to make it up.

This really got me thinking about making things for myself, so my sister Rebekah and I bought a sewing machine between us so that we could adjust clothing, make things for the house and hopefully at some point we'll be able to use it to make our own clothes.  So this blog is to document all the 'makes' i do be it cooking, baking, sewing, cross stitch, knitting or anything else i  have made. And hopefully you will like it and it will give you ideas of projects you might like to try. Wherever possible i will post links to places that i have found free patterns.

Well that's me, hope you enjoyed it!
Abigail x

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  1. You've been a busy bee!
    Love that Mickey Mouse cake and the bunny is sweet. The patterns [free and to purchase) at little cotton rabbits are amazing.
    Look forward to hearing more from you.
    Ali x