Saturday, 11 January 2014

2013 an excellent year!

I have been looking back at my blog from this time last year and the New Years resolutions I made and I have to admit I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. The main thing was to do more new things and make the most of weekends and I feel like I have accomplished that and more. 

2013 was a very good year - the best yet in my opinion! - here's a snippet of some of the things I have done:
Row 1: St ives holiday, in the paper with work friends for red nose days, indoor bouldering, haven holiday -easter at Pwhelli, indoor skydiving, selling my christmas decorations.
Row 2: Cavtat holiday in Croatia, Easter party, summer walks, London at Christmas,foraging, Mum's 60th party.
Row 3: family parties, christmas markets in Germany, making things for swaps, taking Max on the beach in summer, and again in winter, hiking up Mount Snowdon.
Row 4: Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina, walks and picnics in local area, my craft room is complete, barbeques, camping, making apple schnapps and other things from foraged fruits.
Row 5: pasties in Cornwall, eating al fresco, criccieth castle, New Year's Eve dressing up as Scooby  doo  characters, Pendle hill in the snow, autumn walks.
Row 6: Dubrovnik City walls, eating a whole crab at the rum and crab shack in St. Ives , Berlin, hiking up to hellvelyn via striding edge, going out in Manchester, making jam with foraged fruits.

I've loved it especially the travel and visiting new places. This year as yet we have nothing planned or booked and I don't like it really. I like something to look forward to - but then I have to remember this time last year we didn't have anything booked and look at how much we've done!

This year I want to continue trying new things and going new places but I'm going to give myself a bit of a challenge too this year- I want to try and blog every month of the year. Last year started out well but then fizzled out as the year went on- this year I want to keep up the momentum! 

Happy new year everyone and thanks for reading!

Abigail x

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