Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Another weekend, another walk.

This was our longest yet, it started from Hope in Derbyshire and then across fields up a hill then walk along the ridge from Lose hill onto Back Tor, then Hollins Cross then up to the summit of Mam Tor and down into Castleton and finally back to Hope. The walk was about 9 miles.
I have been to Castleton many times when I was younger, the last time I went there was when me and Matthew first started dating almost 11 years ago, it's a beautiful little village, there is a castle, Peveril Castle, which sits nestled on the side of the hill in the middle of the town, there is a picturesque little stream that runs through the town, plenty of pubs and very lovely shops and cafes, there are also about 5 different caves/mines that you can go on tours around. I have always loved it there but despite the stunning scenery I have never ever thought of going for a walk around there and up onto the hills but I am so glad we did it was amazing and so nice to see another part of this area I never knew existed.
The weather was beautiful but we thought we had better layer up because it would be much colder and windier at the top of the hill, by the time we got up to the first hill, lose hill I had taken my coat and fleece off I was boiling, the sun felt so nice on my face but I had my thermal leggings on under my trousers because they were only thin, I felt quite hot! At the top we recovered from the strenuous walk uphill and had our picnic, what a lovely place it was to eat, you could see for miles. Sitting still had meant that I cooled quite quickly so I put my coat back on. From here you could see the walk along the ridge to Mam Tor and we excitedly carried on our walk, next it was a slight descent then up to Back Tor, this is amazing when you get to the top, there is a sheer drop but you don't appreciate it until you start to go back down then look back, the walk along from Back Tor to Hollins cross and up to Mam Tor is along a very uneven path with steps and despite the warm weather there was still quite deep snow in some areas so we had to be careful. The trek up to Mam Tor was hard work the sun was shining in our eyes and it was quite slippery but it was worth it for the view. We made this our second stop, having the rest of the coffee in the flask and a homemade Nutella cookie, you could see people hang gliding over us from another hill. We then walked down to Castleton and had a drink outside 'the George' pub beneath Peveril castle before walking around back to the car park at Hope.
It was a perfect day out especially for a day in February, it really felt like spring was on its way.
We hope to come back to the Peak District soon for more walks and maybe camping in the summer!

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