Monday, 25 June 2012

Instagram obsessed

I have to admit I'm a little bit Instagram obsessed since joining Instagram at the beginning of May. I have posted 160 photographs and have 58 followers. I've always liked taking photographs and I've always been told I take good photos but it's funny until a total stranger says it you don't really believe it! I love all the pics that I have posted on my Instagram and I sort of see it as a collection of all the nicest photos I have taken and I'm quite proud of them..a little bit sad I know but I really think any one of them would look good hung on a wall. I've even bought myself a brand new camera to take my masterpieces with!
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  1. do you have any idea what phones are compatible with instagram apart from the iphone? i neeeed a new phone and i want instagram!

    check out my blog, please xxx

    1. Hi! You can get Instagram on any andriod phone, mines a samsung galaxy s but I wouldn't reccomend that one cos mine keeps turning itself off!, but apparently the samsung galaxy s2 are good or the new one - galaxy s3. If you get it you'll have to follow me and i'll follow you back. I have had a look at your blog its very good, I especially like your revamping of clothes there are some really good ideas x

  2. Hi just found your blog.Looks great.