Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hello again!

After a break of over a month I'm back and raring to go. Several things have happened since then which has meant that I feel the happiest I have in a long time.

I have a new job which came out of the blue. I was offered an interview for a job as a nursery nurse/ classroom assistant in a yr 2 class. Something I probably would never apply for, after spending almost ten years looking after 2-3year olds. But i went for it and got the job.
 I have to say its the best decision i could have ever made. Everybody is lovely. The holidays are great and for the first time in ages I want to go to work.

The 2nd big thing for me is that I've just started treatment for IVF after waiting 4 years. So my fingers and toes are crossed! and the change in my attitude has got to help with that.

But my crafting has not been pushed to one side i have joined Ravelry, i made my mum a crocheted scarf for her birthday and i made myself a lovely chunky knit spiralled scarf.
my mum's scarf

I'm also gearing up for a crafting Christmas so expect to see more within the next few months.

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