Sunday, 17 July 2011

I'm back!

Well I'm back from my holidays and it was lovely, the weather was great most of the time. It was very relaxing i don't often get time to read and i managed to read 2 books and numerous magazines, I also discovered a fantastic magazine that is right up my street it's called funnily enough 'MOLLIE MAKES'. (Which sort of looks like I've copied their name, in fact its only the 3rd edition and it only began in May 2011 and my first post was in ner! Maybe they copied off me! OK so I know Mollie Makes is more catchier than Abigail makes..but hey ho!)
The tag line for the mag is Living and Loving Handmade which sums it up beautifully.I will definitely be buying it again.
Anyway back to my holiday, St Ives is full of inspiration for crafts, the shops are full of beautiful handmade goodies and I also spent lots of time beach combing for natural goodies which i hope to use in future crafts. So now I'm back home i hope the inspiration has rubbed off on me. For now I'll leave you with a photograph that i took from the island looking down towards Porthgwidden beach, i love the mixture of the blue turquoise sea and the beautiful yellow flowers clinging to the rocks, it's gorgeous and it makes me home sick for the beautiful place i wish i could call home.

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